September plan with me

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to show you September set up in my bullet journal. I have resigned from some spread I had in August and I added some new one. But this is what bullet journal is about in my opinion. You just keep trying some things and keep them if they work for you. Otherwise, you just don’t include them next time. So without further delaying, let’s get to my September setup.

Cover page

What would be set up without the cover page? It sets a theme for the entire month. It couldn’t be missing in my bullet journal either.

So for the month of September, I’ve decided to go with green plants. I was considering to give their pots some colour, but after I’ve decided that with shades of green for the plants itself and brown shelves, white pots will be the perfect option.

On the left page, I have included a quote: ‘Act as if what you do makes a difference’. I think this is a very good quote as very often I am wondering about the sense of what I am doing or what I am about to do. But sometimes it is better just do without overthinking things, so acting as they matter should help with carrying on. I also put two branches around the quote, to make it more interesting.

Month at a glance

Here is another traditional spread. It is quite hard for me to imagine a bullet journal without space to write your important dates for the month.

For my setup, I kept the theme and drew a bunch of plants on the empty space below my calendar. It is simple, but I think it looks pretty good.

Productivity tracker

Here is a spread, I’m trying for the first time. It is a simple layout (it takes some time to set it up, though) in shares you can put an icon for each task you did during the day. At the end of the month, you’ll have an image of how productive you are. I’ve seen this spread in many videos, but this video reminded me about it, while I was setting up my bullet journal. And I thought: ‘why not try it for myself?’. And I did.

I haven’t come out with the icons yet, so I will share them along with my October set up. And I’ll tell you more about how well did it work for me.

Habit tracker and mood tracker

My habit tracker hasn’t changed since I’ve started including it in my bullet journal. I always work on five habits, but they keep changing over time. Either I can consider some activity as my habit already (I am doing so when for two full months in a row calendars for this habit are all coloured), or because of any reason, I am deciding that I don’t want to work on a particular one. Why five though?

There isn’t a good answer to this. When I first started tracking my habits, I could think about five of them. And it stayed this way till now.

Regarding the mood tracker, I always try to fit it into my theme, so this month I am going to colour each leave as the days go. Let’s hope there won’t be too many brown leaves.

Spending tracker and sleep log

These two are talking for themselves. This month I’ve decided to track my spending by categories. So I have a table with a column for bills, groceries, my son and miscellaneous. In this last one, I will track all spendings which probably aren’t as necessary.

And sleep tracker will hold all the hours I’ll manage to sleep. It will be useful to see how many hours of snoozing I’ll get each day, especially that soon I need to return to my night-shift work. With my active son, I need to make sure I am sleeping at least the bare minimum.

Brain dump

I think this is the simplest layout of this month’s set up, yet so important for me. I have no idea how I could forget to make it last month. I usually use it for ant thought that might haunt my head, but it doesn’t have designated space to be noted.

Well, did I say it is the simplest spread? Let’s say that drawing and colouring this border took me a lot of time. I love how it looks though.


This kind of weeklies is part of my bullet since a very long time. Not from the very beginning, but long enough, to make me not remember what was before. It takes me quite a lot of time to set it up, but the functionality it gives me makes it worth it.

Since I’ve added the dutch door with extra space for my goals and next week’s events, I can’t imagine setting my week any other way. And these flower pots on the dutch door make it look so amazing (even if we can clearly say, I am not the best of an artist)

These are all the spreads I have in this setup. I hope they will be an inspiration for at least some of you. If you enjoyed reading this post you might want to press this like button. And if you have any ideas on what spreads I could try, please leave me a comment down below. You can leave any other message too.

And this is it for today’s post. I hope to see you in my next post next week. See you till then.


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